What You Need To Know About The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment - The Outer World

Obsidian Entertainment – The Outer Worlds

The studio behind such games as Pillars of eternity and Fallout New Vegas is working on a brand new RPG called The Outer Worlds! Created by some team who back in the 90s created fallout along with other RPG games on PC like Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, including Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky.  The Outer Worlds is one of 2019 much-expected RPG.

Release Date

Obsidian Entertainment - The Outer World
Obsidian Entertainment – The Outer Worlds

A recent steam leak showed a release day of August 6th. They promptly changed the date to a generic 2020 date.  Epic games stated in March, that they will release The Outer World on their platform 12 months before its release on other platforms such as Steam which has us hoping we will see a release later this year.

The Outer Worlds Story

The story starts with your character arriving via transport ship to the colony of Halcyon that comprises 2 planets at the edge of space. You have been in Cryosleep for 70 years because of the ship losing its way in space. A scientist wakes you up and asks for your help in waking up the other travelers.?

It is up to you to decide if you assist him or turn him into the authorities who run and own the varying corporations for.  You can pick your side,  pick both sites or you can pitch both sides against one another.  Apart from picking a side, you are free to explore the world and enjoy the ever-branching main storyline with multiple endings, that you influence with your choices.

Key Features

  • Player Driver RPG story
  • Every choice you make influences the story, stories of your companions, the build of your character, and the scenario of the end game
  • Shape your hero by the flaws they have. Take a flaw which may make you weaker again certain foe but provides you with great buffs in other areas
  • During your journey, you will meet several companions. By joining your party they will bring with them a variety of unique abilities, missions, ideals, and motivations. Assist them with their own goals or use them to achieve your own.
  • Explore Settlements, space stations, the Halcyon Colony, get your own ship and find crew members.

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