Marvel Future Fight releases Anniversary Infographic

Netmarble - Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble - Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble - Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble – Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight, Netmarble Super Hero game celebrates is 4th anniversary reaching an audience of over 100 million players! In time for the anniversary celebrations. Netmarble has released brand new graphics highlighting the progression of agents working alongside Nick Fury to make a stand against the timeline destruction.

Some details outlined in these graphics include.

  • Across the world, over 100 million agents are enjoying the Marvel Future Fight universe. Between these agents, they own over 1 billion heroes!
  • The play time for all these agents equates to over 40,000 years of play time
  • These agents also saved the universe from over 3 Million sentinels and saving the universe from the wrath of Thanos over 100 Million times!
  • Since Marvel Super Heroes launch in April 2015, there have been over 187 Marvel Super Heroes added Ranging from  X-Men, Fantastic Four and more!
  • They added 203 uniforms to Marvel Super Heroes over this time, allowing all the agents to dress their characters for success.

They will launch a special event in time for the anniversary Event which will include:

  • Log in over the 8 week-long event and receive 6 Mega Rank Up Tickets, used to purchase heroes such as Hulk and Iron Man.
  • Other events include the 4th Anniversary Characters Voting Event.
  • And finally, to receive up to 2 Tier-2 Mega Advancement Tickets in the Avengers Special Events Quest.

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