EVE Online New Expansion Invasion

CCP Games - EVE Online ‘Invasion’

CCP Games - EVE Online ‘Invasion’

EVE Online ‘Invasion’ Expansion

New threats, ship, and rewards from May 28th as New Eden comes under siege

CCP Games recently announced the next EVE Online expansion called Invasion! Launching on May 28th, EVE Online Invasion will bring new challenges of New Eden.  EVE Online Invasion will focus on the mysterious race, the Triglavian who will leave the Abyss for the first time! The Triglavian will bring with them new challenges, including the challenges of facing the threat that is the new enemy ships, facing growing consequences and earning amazing rewards!

CCP Games - EVE Online ‘Invasion’
CCP Games – EVE Online ‘Invasion’

Capsuleers across the known universe will face this incoming Invasion on such a scale New Eden has never faced before. This Invasion will change the Universe of EVE Online, in ways where it will never be the same. You will see several improvements to EVE. Not only will there be new content but there are all new graphical improvements and new System, wide effects.

Along with the new threat of the Triglavian, Capsuleers can also look forward too new tech to change existing and new ships!

  • New Tech 2 Triglavian Hulls
    • Nergal class Assault Frigate
    • Draugur class Command Destroyer
    • Ikitursa class Heavy Assault Cruiser
  • New Mutaplasmid Groups for
    • Damage Controls
    • Assault Damage Controls
    • both Ancillary Sheild and Armor repairs

They have improved the War Declaration system in EVE.  By merging recent improvements and adding some new updates and improving the user experience and making the new content easier to access.

EVE Online Invasion will be available to all players to download for free!

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