Astrokings Officially Launches On Android And iOS

AN Games - Astrokings

AN Games - Astrokings


Games Reeve - AN Games - Astrokings
AN Games – Astrokings

Astrokings is a 4X strategy game set in the far future. In a distant galaxy where humans have built a new galactic civilization. After fleeing from a mysterious alien confederation called the Crux. Centuries later, as the human empire falls and the aliens bring the full might of their fury against all the human worlds. The players take on the mantle of leadership for the few surviving planets.

Astrokings has an immersive, rich storyline that is truly special. It was crafted by the world-famous authors Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff of The Illumninae Files series, which won the esteemed Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction novel.

AN Games - Astrokings
AN Games – Astrokings

Last month, AN Games successfully introduced a new content, ‘Trade Planet War’ which has been a huge success.


With Federation members. The players have to go to war to win unique planets called ‘Trade Planets’. They must occupy them for 2 weeks. The winners gain control of the planet and also gets to determine the tax rate, the budget, and item distribution of the Trade Planet.

Astrokings is the latest successor of a 19-year legacy, based on the Astronest universe (series of previous titles released by the developer since 1999) and related contents, and it will not be the last, either,” said Henry Choi, Product Manager for ANGames. “There will be more contents and surprises we have in store for our fans.”

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