Akane Coming to Switch May 17th

QubicGames - Akane

QubicGames - Akane

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QubicGames - Akane
QubicGames – Akane

Akane is a brutal arena arcade slasher. They base Akane on one-hit-one-kill gameplay mechanics! This means the player has one goal to slash and destroy as many opponents as they can, without dying! Where the player has just one goal: to defeat as many opponents as they can before they die. The player has a diverse arsenal at their disposal, including an array of special skills and weapons.


  • Five Types of opponents
    • Mafia pawn Yakuza Guy
    • The villain that won’t die by a single swipe of your Katana called Tank;
    • A Cybernetic enhances sharpshooter with perfect accuracy called Shooter;
    • A killer machine who has a deadly dash attack, and whose defenses are near impenetrable called Cyber Ninja;
    • Your evil Nemesis The Boss – Katsuro where each time you defeat him he gets more dangerous and stronger
  • A new range of guns and equipment 
    QubicGames - Akane
    QubicGames – Akane
    • Katanas which have different unique abilities
    • Cigarettes used to alter  your special skill aesthetics
    • Improve combat using Gadgets
    • Boots will alter the way you move with a bonus chance of dashing.
    • Special moves and skills
    • Dash forward using Dragon Slash to defeat enemies on your way through
    • defeat all enemies on your screen using Dragon Slayer.

Akane will be available on the Nintendo Switch from on May 17th this year.

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